Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Carousel Neiman's Show!

last week was the junior league of abilene's Christmas carousel.  we were super hard at work all week long - i was one of the decorations co chairs and lucy was a style show co chair. on saturday night, we got to celebrate the week with a fabulous neiman marcus style show. lucy did an incredible job organizing and putting it all together!

here i am with my two favorite models! connor did a beautiful job! so excited to finally see her in action.  

the best style show co chair of all time

my little family before the show

gorgeous connor!

perry happily sat through the entire show! she actually loved the music, lights, and the fashion of course! 

loooove my braaten sisters! so happy to see logan (and chloe and kyley)!

officially little girl's bed time! chelle took her home so that we could stay for the celebration afterwards

yay! love these gals and so happy our week was successful! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

our second month

it's so hard for me to believe that perry is already two months old! it has flown by faster than i could ever imagine. 

a lot has happened in her second month of life! my mom warned me that i should be writing things down but i haven't and i'm afraid that i am already forgetting every little thing that she does! so i'll do my best to document it here.
 obviously, i am a little late to document! oops!

 perry turned 2 months old 2 days before halloween so i thought her orange diaper was appropriate!

sweet perry lucille,
 in your second month of life, you steal our hearts more and more every single day. 
you are smiling. every morning when you wake up, you give both mommy and daddy the sweetest smile in the world. such a precious gift from God.
you love it when we say the word "hi". especially in a high pitched voice. 
and you like to read. this is one of my favorite accomplishments!
you love the camera flash. you were crying before i took your pictures and perked right up when the flash went off.
the evenings are much better after i quit drinking coffee. you are loving life and falling fast asleep around 8:00. i don't want to brag but you are sleeping really well. most nights you sleep from 9:00 until 5 or 6. we are very blessed by your sleeping schedule. 
but, you don't like to nap. i'm okay with that since you sleep all night. 
a few weeks ago, you started recognizing mommy and daddy. you see each of us and smile. 
and finally, tummy time has gotten better. thanks to chelle, you got lots of practice and can finally hold yourself up. 
you have found your hands! you put them in your mouth when you are not sucking on your pacifier. 
you are talking. or babbling. its so precious.
you are also starting to notice your toys. i cried the day that you started watching your mobile (saturday, oct 31). 
it is amazing to watch God's little miracles in you everyday. life is so precious and we are so thankful to be your parents. 

we are so proud of you and can't wait to see how much you change in month 3! 
love you perry girl!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

because i'm a nerdy mama (which didn't take long) perry girl wore her halloween costume all day on monday. or at least until after lunch.

this is our sweet little zebra in the doctor's office. she had her two month shots which made for a very memorable first Halloween for her parents.

after she made it home with the help of my amazing mom (who drove in to help me during Christmas carousel) the costume came off, never to be worn again!

i'm glad that i made the decision for her to wear it even if it is dorky...
these were her festive pj's

our baby girl weighs 9.5 lbs - almost a 2 pound gain from her birth weight and is now 22.5 inches long (she was 19 inches).

so i didn't get any cutesy first Halloween pics because perry was full of cuddly love for her 'chelle' while I was stuck decorating the civic center. :)

but here is a sweet one from last friday.

hope you and your families had a very happy, safe and fun Halloween!

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