Friday, September 30, 2011

our first month

perry lucille,
yesterday was our first full month together.
my, how quickly it has passed! 
your daddy and i are in love. 
you have filled every moment of my days and the majority of my nights with love!
once daddy gets home from work you consume his life as well. 
we wouldn't have it any other way...

you are such a sweet, precious angel. 

 even your cry is sweet!

you LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat. there is nothing that you would rather do. 
you love to be held. 
and you love to cuddle.
you love your paci (or your fingers - you're always hungry!) 
when you sleep, you like to keep your arms out.  if we swaddle you with your arms inside of the blanket, you usually manage to get them out!
you have so much hair! i'm hoping that you won't lose it. 
and you have daddy's big blue-gray eyes. 
you have long skinny fingers, feet and toes. 
you are starting to "talk" to us with your little sounds.
your eyes follow us when we are in front of you.
and your neck is so strong! you have been strong from the moment you arrived!
you are so fun to watch! 

a little shout out to gigi - she made your diaper
and to chelle for your red bow! 
love your grandmothers, they're so crafty!

we love you our precious little girl!
 "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."
James 1:17

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I phone mega dump

Over the past four weeks, I have filled my phone with countless new photos of perry girl. I've always been envious of mamas that can fill up an entire blog entry with photos of their little ones.
Now I can be that mom. Ha. So sit back and enjoy our little munchkin!

first day of her precious life!

Hanging out with dad on the couch.

First time on the patio.

First doctor's appointment- almost to her birth weight! She was 6.15 at this visit!

Bath time!

Making faces.

I'm sure our blogging audience is getting bored.... Unless you are Gigi, Chelle, or another devoted family member or friend :)

Most precious picture of all time!

Making cloth diapers... Yes, you read that right. Deserves it's own post for sure!

First tummy time! Not successful. But cute!

Hanging out with moo cow.

First car trip! Stopped in ft worth to see jessica and wish June happy birthday!

Gorgeous girl!

Then, back in the car to Chelle and Papa D's!

And of course she was exhausted after all of the driving and a visit to Aunt Pam's lake house this past weekend.

Loving life and can't believe this little angel will be a month old tomorrow!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

going home!

on wednesday after perry was born, we got ready to go home from the hospital

sweet teeny girl ready in her seat!

papa d is so proud!

we were so happy to be leaving

once we got home, perry's chelle and papa d had to have a proud moment

showing perry her new room

the biggest part of  the day is when we introduced perry to her puppies!
perry and charlie meeting

and of course bailey had to say hello!

we are so happy to be home. i just realized that in one week, our little angel will be a month old! 
can't believe it! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

perry's visitors

while we were in the hospital, perry was visited by many who loved her before she was born! it was so nice for sweet friends and family to stop by during our three day stay!

lucy and sam came and brought perry her first precious necklace! this is just a few hours after perry was born so mamas looking a little rough ;)

papa d and perry

cousins meeting for the first time! uncle ryan brought lillian. it was so sweet and i can't wait until these little gals can play together!

newlyweds lauren and reed
we're so excited for them! congrats, friends!

tamara and jamie came and brought perry a sweet book! 
i'm so ready to start reading together!

once we were able to go home, perry had lots of visitors from near and far!
sweet neighbors mckinsey and whitney

the boys had a little mini high school reunion before reed & lauren's wedding - 
reed, chris (who came in from seattle) and proud papa 

abby came to visit from austin
we had a great time together and it was so nice to see her!

mama jessica came to see us from north richland hills
can't wait for perry to meet june girl next weekend for june's 1st birthday! 
thrills my soul that our little gals will be friends!

courtney came from ft. worth
such a sweet surprise - she and mama lee flew in for the afternoon just to see perry and i!
love this girl!

perry finally got to meet uncle joe! 
so happy he was well enough for he and aunt mo to visit! 

and lindsay and clark came from mckinney!
loved catching up with these two and talking about the lives of our (present & future) children

it has been so exciting to introduce little perry to all of her new friends! there are many that missed out on pictures - we're so sorry! 

she is so blessed and she has many that love her!
we will have even more pictures to add after we visit sulphur springs this weekend! 
thank you all for coming to see us and for loving perry. we love you and were thrilled to share our wee one with you! 
and we're pretty in love, too . 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

introducing perry lucille

on monday, august 29, one day after my due day, i was scheduled for induction. 
i had it in my mind that perry would come early but as we neared the 28th, i was clearly 
so on sunday night we gathered our bags:
 prepared for the day ahead, and tried to go to bed early! 

side note, 
while getting ready for our munchkin's arrival, my mom helped me (she actually did most of it) with a few neat little gifts. 
a couple of months ago, i saw the sweetest idea on fun mama meredith's blog:

we gave these treat bags to our sweet nurses and my doctor. 
they were each filled with pink popcorn and a bottle of water. 
we also had a basket filled with bags of popcorn and water for perry's visitors. 
it was so much fun and was a great way to say thank you to the wonderful people that made sure perry got here safely! 
thank you, meredith, for such a precious idea!

so all you mamas that have been induced know the drill. no food or drink after midnight and come ready to roll at 5:00 am. 
mr. b and i were ready. 
we didn't sleep a wink. so 5:00 am monday morning came around and we were bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to meet our precious one.
little did we know what the day would hold...
we're pretty scared but trying to chill out... things are about to get real. 

perry's arrival was much more dramatic than we could have dreamed! after several weeks of no progression, we knew she was in no hurry to come into the world.

the pitocin was started around 6 and we waited for the show to begin. 
the morning was pretty mellow,  we sat around watching tv and visiting. 
until the contractions got crazy. 
the epidural was slow to arrive and after a few hours, 
i decided to take pain meds while i was waiting. 
big mistake. 
i have never felt so strange in my life - plus i was still in pain.

after 2-3 hours, the epidural arrived.
only to be taken away, unfortunately.

my nurse discovered that when my contractions would peak, perry's heart rate would drop because her little head was getting stuck on my pelvic bone. she told me that if we were unable to fix the problem, we would have to do a c-section. 
so we tried a few different strategies. one of these included turning off the epidural meds so that i could feel to push. 
oh the pain. 
apparently, i have a low pain tolerance. really low.
but i was willing to do whatever it took to make sure our little one was delivered in the safest way possible. 
and so after 11 hours of labor  (not too bad, i know there are many who have labored much longer!)
at 4:49 pm
our little girl made her way in to the world. 
7.1 lbs, 19 inches 

she was greeted by the many people that waited patiently on monday
perry meeting her 'chelle' 

perry and her 'gigi'

perry and her aunt rebecca, her aunt kk and her aunt mo

this picture just cracks me up!

thank you for your calls, visits, messages, and prayers for our sweet baby girl. we are so thankful that she arrived here safe and healthy. 
we couldn't feel more blessed by the love and support that we have received over the past 9 months. perry has changed our lives and every moment with her is beyond perfect.