Monday, April 30, 2012

abilene zoo

a few weeks ago, my mother in law, diane and i took perry and lillian to the zoo.
we had a great time!

the girls aren't quite big enough to see the animals - perry didn't understand what we were pointing at, but i know before long they will be running around pointing them out to us!
thanks, gigi, for a fun day a the zoo!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter fun!

we zipped over to sulphur springs to celebrate Easter this year! i wanted a sweet family photo and i was able to talk mr. b into posing for a few quick shots with our little bunny.

i tried to come up with a unique, cutesy Easter basket for perry then i remembered that i'm not creative. after too much time spent searching out the right one, i decided on the traditional, monogrammed pottery barn basket. it's very sweet and this way all of my babies can have matching baskets someday!

sweet girl stocked up on fun new monogrammed goodies, pajamas, new books (including peter rabbit one of my childhood favorites), new passys, a sippy cup, and bubbles!

she enjoyed taking all of her gifts out of her basket - it was so fun to watch!
perry also got an adorable smocked dress and books from chelle and papa d
a fun farm toy and book from gigi and papa jim.
thank you all for making her first Easter so special!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

cousin lillian's first birthday

it's hard to believe that perry's cousin lillian is already one year old! it seems like just yesterday we were waiting for her to arrive and holding her for the first time!

here are a few pictures from her special day!

 she was so close to walking on her birthday!

birthday cupcake!
precious decorations... she had a cute banner with her monthly pictures made by gigi!
first hug. this is one of the funniest pictures of the girls!

 perry cruisin' in lillian's new car

we love you to the moon, lillian cate.
we have enjoyed watching you grow during your first year of life and look forward to more memories of you and perry together!
happy first birthday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

our seventh month

hard to believe, but on march 29, perry turned 7 months old.
(if my dad was still here, she would have shared this special day with him -
it would have been his 53rd birthday!)
we are nearing perry's 8th month of life but it wouldn't be my true fashion if i was on time with this post.

so with that being said...
happy 7 months darling girl!
you are so big. almost every day, your daddy and i look at one another and talk about how much you are growing.
you are such a little mover! you are rolling all over the place.
you are sitting up on your own.
you aren't crawling yet but we know it won't be too much longer!

you are such a little giggle box. you laugh at every funny thing we do. once you start laughing, you can't stop! it's hilarious.
you scrunch up your nose and make the funniest sounds. 
and you like to whisper little sounds. so sweet!

you are continuing to become more assertive. you watch people with your big blue eyes and i can't wait until you can tell us what you are thinking.

you love to eat:!
your favorites are sweet peas, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, asparagus, green beans, prunes and pretty much anything we put in front of you. you love your veggies like your daddy. you also eat a LOT! you are still nursing 5 times a day and eat 3 very large meals of solids. it's so fun to try new things!

 we are also pretty sure you are teething. lately, you have been up a few times during the night and you seem very uncomfortable.
i know those little pearlies will burst through very soon! 

you still enjoy your bath;
you are going to sleep MUCH easier;
straight to the bed you go at 7 on the dot and almost every night you go straight to sleep;
you also love reading and you enjoy watching and "talking" to other babies and children;
you are growing out of your 3 month clothing and you are mostly wearing 6 & 9 months;
you are taking 1 or 2 naps a day, and we aren't on any type of schedule at all!
we tried many times to establish a schedule but you weren't having it.
it was hard for me to accept but we do what works for us!

love you little girl, more and more every day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

long time gone

why, hello blogger.
nice to see you again.
i've been away for way too long and i really have no excuses!
i know that blogging is hard work - i'm impressed by the moms that can post multiple posts per week. some even post two a day. wowza.
i'm doing good to get my house picked up, makeup on, perry dressed and dinner cooked before mr. b walks in the door.
haha that doesn't even happen every day.
the past month has been pretty exciting. being perry's mama is better than i could have ever imagined. she is the sunshine in our day and we're so thankful for her precious life.
i'm hoping to be able to upload individual posts of events but i won't hold my breath. i will, however, leave you with a few pictures of our darling girl. she has been growing so much lately and is always doing something new!
 jolly, happy cheeks!

 so dramatic. wonder where that comes from? :)

the girl is a roller

baby hattie was born! this picture is hard to see how beautiful she is but she is such a
pretty, precious baby!
it was so fun introducing our girls for the first time.

so thankful for the days that i get to spend with my girl.

hope your week is blessed beyond measure!