Tuesday, February 21, 2012

food, friends, and family!

We have been blowing and going lately. I have done a terrible job posting and continue to make excuses! To be honest, I hate whipping out the computer and downloading pictures. It takes too much time - time that I would rather be spending on things that need to be done.
We have had some excitement in our lives lately and things get better every day. My bestie, Lindsay, is expecting a sweet baby girl at the end of March. I couldn't be more thrilled to meet precious Hattie Elizabeth.
A few weeks ago, my mom, Perry, and I attended a beautiful shower honoring Lindsay and Hattie.

Courtney was able to attend the shower as well. It was so fun to catch up!
We were excited to see Aunt K and Uncle Coach that day as well.

Afterwards, Perry and I went back to Sulphur Springs and spent a few days with my parents. It was nice to get in some quality time with Chelle and Papa D!

Perry gets lots of love when we go to Sulphur. She gets held the entire time and when we get back home she doesn't like to be put down.

In other Perry related news, she has started eating solids. We started her on cereal a few weeks ago and she did fine. But she didn't seem very interested. To be honest, I was a little down about it. I thought for sure my little girl would love solids as much as she enjoys nursing.
But then we tried sweet potatoes. The first try didn't go too well but after I re-blended them in Andrew's Blendtec and mixed them with cereal. It has taken a few days but she LOVES her food. It's so sweet. She even opens up her mouth now.
My sister-in-law Rebecca got us a great cookbook for Christmas which has made baby food preparation much easier!
Next up: Peas!

oh, and she loves her highchair!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

our fifth month!

five months, baby girl
each month i say i can hardly believe it, but your little first year is flying by.
this month has gone by the fastest so far
(which is why i'm just now getting these pictures up!)
you are doing so many special things now.
so many that every single day is different and new.
right around your 5 month birthday, you started this funny little grunt.
you do it when you are wet, bored, hungry, going to the bathroom, etc.
it's hilarious.
you are slowly starting to fit into 3-6 month clothing.
you're a petite little thing!
and you're an eater!
you nurse 5-6 times a day but you usually get the job done in under 15 minutes.
you're eating a little bit of cereal but you don't think it's a big deal.
no rush.
you recognize more people now - chelle, papa d, gigi and papa jim
you also love your aunts and uncles and your cousin lillian.
 they always make you smile!
and of course, i have to mention
charlie loves you and you love charlie.
he comes straight to you when he comes in from outside.
and you always (eww) put your hands down for him to kiss you.
you're even starting to reach for him and bailey!
so sweet.
you've gotten really good at going out for dinner. we have only done it a few times - it's usually around your bedtime.
you are so well behaved and mama and daddy always get compliments on how sweet you are!
you like to play in your jumperoo bouncer. it is one of your favorite toys.
but you also are still in love with your violet leap frog toy. you light up when she sings to you!
you also like to chew on your sophie and a few different lamaze toys.
you are mostly sleeping from 7:00 to 5:30. you are funny, right around 6:30 you let us know you are ready for bed.
you are rolling over - every morning you roll over on your back and stare at the monitor with those beautiful blue eyes. it makes me laugh each time.
you also scoot yourself around. when you are on the play mat, you scoot your bottom down.
you are almost sitting up, too. when we practice you lean forward and try to face plant.
but you push up very nicely from your tummy!
we are so beyond thankful for your growth and your health, precious one.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

january wrap up

january was a great month!
my little baby started to roll,
eat cereal,
is laughing constantly,
and many other really fun things.
i'll save the rest of the updates for her FIVE MONTH POST!

 5 months old

little miss priss waiting on daddy to come home from work

charlie ran away from home a few times when we were in ft worth for the stock show.
luckily, several neighbors found him each time he got out and returned him.
glad he's home, he loves little perry girl.

mama made pillows!
i broke out my sewing machine and whipped these puppies out a few weeks ago. it was much easier than i anticipated.
operation living room "fluff" is almost complete!
btw, those are not real yellow stains on our couch. this is an iphone photo and it looks really creepy!

happy february! this is my FAVORITE month of the year. but mr. b and i met on february 14th so i'm pretty partial ;)