Wednesday, August 29, 2012

happy birthday perry lucille!

happiest birthday to our sweet, precious perry lucille!
today is your first birthday, baby girl. daddy and i love you so much. you have turned our world upside down in the best of ways.
after a tough, exteremly long day, you {very stubbornly} entered the world at 4:49 pm at
7.1 lbs and 19 inches with a crazy amount of dark brown hair! 
now you're a little blondie!
your are happy, funny, sweet, and so smart! you have taken your first steps, already said your first words (dog, da-da, and no) and love to be tickled. you love your baby doll and know how to give her her paci. you love other babies and children and you light up when people are talking to you. you love meal time, too :)
you have the best disposition - you are such a joy to be around.
we can not wait to celebrate you!
love you little girl and happy 1st birthday!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


happy 5th anniversary.
we have a beautiful life together and we've been blessed in so many ways. these have been the best 5 years of my life. love you so much.

Friday, August 17, 2012


on june 7, mr. b turned 30.

i can't believe it... mainly because our years together have flown by! he sometimes tries to tell me old stories, and half way through, we realize that it's a story from the time that we have been together. ha! i love that we have such a wonderful history with one another.
this was 7 years ago!

this guy is an amazing husband, father, son, brother, son-in-law, brother-in-law, friend, co-worker, the list could go on and on... andrew has an incredible gift to always put others before himself. he is constantly 'doing' for all of us. i am so thankful that he provides for our family in such a giving and loving way and that our daughter can have such a sweet example. he's the guy that works all day and comes home to help with perry, dinner, cleaning, etc. then he'll mow the yard, just for kicks. i am really, really blessed.

i wanted to do something special for him, so i threw a super small get together for his day.

let me interject...
perry stayed with her gigi and papa jim so that her mom and dad could stay up later than usual. thank y'all for keeping her!

we are thankful for our sweet friends and family that could help us celebrate! i wish that i would have gotten more photos - i'm sad that i didn't have my camera flashing all night.
we had so much fun...

happy 30th andrew! we love you! perry and i are the luckiest girls in the world!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

where to begin?!

as my title indicates, i don't even know where to start. it is august and i haven't blogged since june. our {new} laptop was out of commission for about a month with a virus so i lost touch with the blogging world. i'm also focusing all of my time on planning
 perry's 1st birthday.
that is correct, our little girl will be ONE in 13 days. i'll talk about that in another post, it deserves much more than a teeny mention!

so, what we've been up to...
my precious nephew benton david was born on may 29th

he is such a sweet, good little baby. we've tried to spend time with them throughout the summer but don't get to see them too often because they are so far away!

not too long after benton's BIRTHday, perry learned how to crawl! it was so fun, our little munchkin likes her puffs, so we put a trail around the room and she went to town!
we also celebrated mr. b's 30th birthday!
i'll tell you all about it in his super late birthday post.
perr had her 9 month checkup in june...
she weighed 15.15 lbs and was 26 3/4 inches long. it may sound like she's a bitty thing, but don't let her weight fool you... shes got chunky thighs and a sweet little tummy. we love it!

that pretty much sums up the month of june!
more on andrew's birthday and july super soon!