Friday, April 29, 2011

getting ready for baby b

our families and sweet friends have already spoiled our baby b to pieces!

after finding out the arrival of a little girl, many have contributed to her future fabulous closet! this is what she has collected so far...
i have only bought one little gown; i've tried very hard to refrain from pink purchases, but i know the next time my mom and i are together, it will be dangerous!

baby girl has also received many other types of gifts from friends and family:
stuffed toys from family, books from cousin lillian and june-bug, a beautiful baby book that i'm thrilled to fill with sweet memories, and more!

and finally, after spending way too much time deliberating, i have settled on a diaper bag. i'm quite content with the selection:
i just can't wait to carry it! bags are a difficult decision but i'm hoping that this one will be a good one for me & baby b!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


i have yet to officially announce the arrival of our precious niece...

lillian cate arrived on april 7, 2011
at 2:10 pm and weighed 6 lbs, 15 oz  and was 19.5 inches

such a little doll

sweet pumpkin enjoys being held and loved on!
being an aunt is such a dream. more than i ever imagined! so thankful and happy for ryan and rebecca! we are blessed that they are back in texas & we can watch our little niecey grow!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

always on my mind...

a few things that have been on my mind lately:

i want one of these...
they are designed by felt & wire who also carries paper goods. i love calligraphy, and i'm not a huge fan of my own handwriting - it's far from pretty artistic. i think these custom stamps are the perfect solution, and they're gorgeous!

and, no one warned us how hard it would be to choose a baby name!
y'all, i'm struggling.
andrew could have named this little girl weeks ago if i let him. i knew that i was indecisive before pregnancy, but now? over the top. can't even make up my mind about something simple like dinner. don't get me started on the difficult decisions. way too much to think about. for now, our small one is nameless. so much for monogramming anytime soon.

 maybe i'll consult rosie pope about a focus group for names. also, i love her maternity wear. to die for.

but, i am getting a little closer to nursery decisions! never thought in my life that the color pink would be in the running but here are a few possible ideas that i'm working with:

 via (oldschool) urbangraceinteriors
i'm pretty much IN LOVE with a gold crib
and the gold curtain rod is precious
her sweet baby's current nursery, my dream setup, can be seen here

found these at market back in january. i think the classic look for a little girl's room is sweet, too.

 another favorite is the red in the pb kids harlington nursery
i'm not as brave as i was in college... and there's no way mr. b would let me paint the walls red
but i love them
but i'm mostly obsessed with the crib skirt, not so much the bumper pad and sheet option.

i'd like to somehow combine the pb look with this one below

this serena and lily "punch" caught my eye very early on. i think it would look perfect with the gold crib!

 and i think the pink & yellow patterns from rikshaw designs are so sweet!

i'm also a big fan of the framed fabric and artword above the bed

my fabulous mil has volunteered to custom make all of my bedding! she is fabulous. she did all of lillian's and it is beyond gorgeous. we're so blessed!
and isn't she cute with her new grandbaby?

so, i'd love to hear advice on painting an antique crib, the do's & don'ts. i'm pretty much convinced that this baby needs a gold crib, but i know i want to take saftey precautions first.

thank you kindly, hope you're having a great week!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

boy or girl?

wednesday night, andrew and i hosted our gender reveal party!
with a great deal of help from my mom (who did ALL of the food and drinks), and my sister (who came into town for less than 24 hours from austin, just for the evening), we had a wonderful time! there are tons of pictures, but i couldn't leave any of the details out!

yummy spread
tissue poofs from prost to the host on etsy

cupcakes made by my talented mom!
we took a vote; the final tally was 11 for boy, 9 for girl

strawberry lemonade

blue margaritas

precious lucy who helped with decorations, supplied pewter trays, this gorgeous arrangement, and more pre-party preparation

this is my amazing sister who came into town for one night... after driving for 4 hours, she walked in the door and my mom and i immediately put her to work - thank you, aunt kk, for your help. i love you so very much and i know our little one will too!

kaleigh is holding lillian cate, rebecca & ryan's sweet angel. she made an appearance at the party to support her future cousin. andrew and i love her so very much already! and, she is a week old today!

the pinks

the blues

time to reveal!


it's a girl!
we are both so excited to name our baby girl, pick out lots of girly things and start on the nursery. well, i'm excited, mr. b is worried he might have to work weekends again...  

Monday, April 4, 2011


i love my dining table and we have a small dining area that we hardly ever use. however, with the arrival of another, smaller family member, mr. b and i have decided to mix things up a bit. we have a gorgeous table that was “loaned” to us by some family friends and we are not quite ready to give it up. we’ve actually been using it as a desk but i think it will work perfectly as a dining table. it is natural, rustic wood (i’m not sure what kind) and i believe it is close to 100 years old. with that said, my vision is something like this:

i love the prints on the wall & the white chairs with the solid table
(sorry, i can't remember where this one came from)

or this:
with white chairs
Emmas Design Blogg
don't you love the card catalog to the left?
Country Living

it will be a work in progress. i'm hoping to add a bench or a settee on one side. my lil friend abigail is on the lookout as my personal shopper.
what do you all think about mismatched chairs?
happy monday!