Friday, September 7, 2012

perry's first day of "school"

perry girl started mothers day out on tuesday
i wasn't quite sure how to handle it. when i'm dreading something, i act like nothing is wrong and keep myself busy and preoccupied.
thats what i did while i prepared for perr's first day away.

we ate breakfast at the coffee table...
(our coffee table looks pretty rough, it's on my list of things to sand/paint)
i'm not sure why she looks so tired here. i think she's annoyed that i'm taking her picture.

dropping my baby off

the best teacher ever: mrs. heather
teacher gifts

i'm happy to say that our girl had a great day! i got this precious picture from mrs. heather.
she napped for almost 2 hours on her NAP MAT!
she played hard and didn't want to go home when i arrived at 2:30,

and mama & daddy got this precious craft and report card!

she woke up today with a runny nose... i wonder if it's a coincidence?!
i guess i'll let her go back next week :)

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  1. Love everything about this! The backpack, the teacher gift, the footprints - precious!! And how sweet is that sleeping picture?!? What a doll.