Monday, February 28, 2011

bump it

so i've refrained from posting any self portraits for a few reasons... it's kinda hard to take photos of yourself! also, i'm not quite "showing" every day. but today was a little baby bump day so i thought i'd share:

after a long day of work, i look a little rough (and there is a ceiling fan protruding from my head)
little baby b is starting to show just a little! i am 14 weeks and he/she has grown to the size of a lemon this week:
we had a very exciting weekend that i will share shortly. mr. b ran in the cowtown marathon, sister-in-law had a baby shower & we celebrated tamara's birthday.
more to come very soon! happy monday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

peachy keen

just saw this blog yesterday. thought it was adorable... i wish i would have thought of it first (like all of the blogs that i read haha)
carolee beckham is an adorable photographer who is cataloging her pregnancy by taking a picture of her growing belly and the piece of fruit that corresponds to the size of her baby that week. it's so precious.

i won't be doing this weekly, but it is kinda crazy to think that little b is the size of a peach this week!

Monday, February 21, 2011

goodness gracious!

i wanted to say thank you for all of the kind, encouraging words that andrew & i have received this past week! we're so overwhelmed by your love & excitement for our future little family of three. friends, family, and people we have never met have said such kind things - thank you all so very much!

meanwhile, i'm eating lots of this:

don't judge me. mexi dip is about the only thing that i have been able to choke down for 2 months.
pickles, pizza, green apples and lemonade were faves as well. and i could eat mexican food at every meal. weird combinations, huh? i'm trying really hard to be healthy but it's been pretty much impossible. i also feel like the most exhausted person on the planet... ready to get my second wind!
'morning' sickness reared it's head for a while but has pretty much left the scene. ginger gum, introducted to me by my precious friend & co-worker, panissa, seemed to do the trick during that time.

hope you had a great weekend! it was acu sing song weekend and we were thrilled to spend time with special friends. my pregnancy brain kept me from taking any good pictures, but trust me, we had a great time!

love to all and thank you again!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

thankful hearts

so a couple of weeks ago i announced i'd be joining a book club. i read the first book and did a horrible job blogging about it. fear not, i've moved on to a couple new books that are not on the reading list... 

i've also been reading a little bit of:

it's true. i've been reading books about babies because
we are having one.
little baby b is expected to make his or her arrival into our world
on or around August 28th.
we couldn't be more thrilled (& excited, emotional, thankful, & even a little scared - eek!).

"Give thanks to Him who alone does mighty miracles. His faithful love endures forever. Give thanks to Him who made the heavens so skillfully. His faithful love endures forever. Give thanks to Him who placed the earth on the water. His faithful love endures forever. Give thanks to Him who has made the heavenly lights -- His faithful love endures forever. The sun to rule the day, His faithful love endures forever and the moon and stars to rule the night. His faithful love endures forever." Psalm 136:4-9

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine’s day!

happy valentine's day! i woke up this morning to pancakes, fruit, flowers, and a new fancy stack ring to add to my collection.

also woke up with a sore throat. bummer.

what are you doing tonight? i am making yummy pan-seared scallops on linguine! also going to try paula's strawberry shortcake. we always try to spend v-day at home together and i'm so excited.

this cliché holiday drives many people crazy… it can get a little annoying for sure. SEVEN years ago, a few girl friends and i went to one of those silly anti-valentine’s day singles parties. there i met this cutie with long hair and a great smile. later that weekend, andrew asked for my phone number. the rest is history. i'm so thankful for that day 7 years ago and think about it all the time. God has surely blessed us, indeed.

happy consumer driven holiday (as mr. b likes to call it)!
 first picture ever... circa 2004


love you andy jimmy belchie
glad we found each other

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

weekend projects

this saturday and sunday, mr. b put in his final weekend of work at the hospital! he begins a new job in two weeks and we couldn't be more thrilled - no pager, no weekends. it's a huge blessing!

while he was away, i did a few things around the house. i read a little:
after multiple trips to three goodwill locations in abilene, we filled up our little fireplace with 87 books! i've wanted to do this for quite sometime and i'm beyond thrilled with the results. it took a lot of patience and it was kind of difficult fitting each one in but i love it!

i also made a little craft. i love the blog life in the fun lane. earlier this month, i saw this craft that i had to replicate:

how do you get ready for valentine's day? i'd love to see your v day decor and hear your plans!
happy tuesday!

Friday, February 4, 2011

happy january birthday!

the month of january is dedicated to my fabulous friend, lauren, and her 27th birthday. i'm so proud of lo; she's so smart, beautiful and one of the kindest people that i know. if you know lauren, none of this is news to  you! a very special and dear friendship has grown over the years and i'm SO THANKFUL for her!

love this

 i tried to find that super hilarious photo of us at our first ACU game together... you know which one i'm talking about, where we made our own shirts? haha

love you lolo, happy birthday love!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snowed in

i haven't left my house since monday.
i'm starting to lose my mind. yesterday, i didn't do much. cleaned around the house a little, watched a few movies and enjoyed a nice day off. today, i've been pretty antsy. mr. b has had to go in to work both mornings (leaving at 7 to make the 10 mile drive by 8:00!) and i love my dogs but they're driving me crazy. i just want them to go outside!

but, look at the beautiful snow!

we went for a little drive to get gas

two minor problems from all of this freezing weather: we were afraid that our kitchen window was leaking but it was just the condensation:
we had a huge puddle of water and had to take the shade off so that we could keep it dry.  

and, problem number 2, the water hoses on our washing machine are frozen. i can't do laundry until they thaw out! another positive to having the washroom in the garage...

so, to stay busy, i made these cocoa fudge cookies
it was the only recipe in my cooking light cook book that i had all of the ingredients for...

and this FABULOUS jalapeno popper dip that i saw on lullaby lubbock a few months ago:

it's currently 17 degrees. not sure what the weather will be like tomorrow, but here's hoping for the best! hope your week has been delightful so far!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

new found style

okay, i could be one of the last two people in the world to find this website, but do you guys know about furbish? a few months ago, lucy and i found it and unknowingly, ordered the same glasses:

i love lots of other items at furbish! like this spotted porcelain tray:
Spotted Porcelain Tray - Green

these sparkly earrings:
Palm Beach Earrings-Multi

and this lamp:
Black and White Striped Lamp

some spotted coasters:
Spot Coasters

a pretty little bowl for the sparkly earrings:
Whatnots Bowl

and this hong kong tray:
Hong Kong Garden Tray
mr. b's grandfather used to travel to hong kong and bring back all kinds of treasures (some of which we have around our house). this reminds me of him!

this bottle opener reminds me of my little brother:
Bicycle Chain Bottle Opener

anyway, it's a fun little shop and it's pretty reasonable. i can't believe i didn't know about it! i'm currently very obsessed.