Thursday, July 28, 2011

perry's SS shower

this past weekend, in sulphur springs, sweet friends and family blessed baby perry. there is nothing better than seeing old friends and celebrating God's goodness with one another.

i wish i would have gotten more pictures with my lovely guests! i didn't even get a photo with my wonderful hostesses. but here are a few candid shots:

nat came all the way from AUSTRALIA! so happy that i got to see her!

a few of the fabulous hostesses. such amazing Godly women - i can't wait for perry to meet all of them!

this beautiful little blue eyed boy helped me open gifts for a bit!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

celebrating perry

our sweet friends just keep loving us! a couple of weeks ago, andrew & i headed to dfw to party - future parent style. i planned to spend time with my college "sisters" and he spent the weekend celebrating the end of his best friend reed's bachelorhood.

on friday evening, lindsay and i arrived in bedford at courtney's beautiful home...

my favorite yummy surprises were there to greet us... this is the best cake i've ever eaten!

the precious invitation for the weekend

adorable gifts from the hostess...

mommy juice... this mommy drank fizzy lizzy all weekend - thanks syd!

gift time!

a gorgeous pink robe for when perry arrives

melle & linds

beautiful letters from melissa for perry's room

a basket of wonderful goodies from lauren...

a monogrammed "silky" from linds...

and sweet little traveler books from court

such special gifts from my special friends!

on saturday, we enjoyed a yummy brunch at rise no1 in dallas. it was excellent and super cute!

we had the most relaxing time at the spa... had another wonderful prenatal massage and rested my tooties in a fabulous foot soak (thanks to mama lee!) wish i could go every weekend!

on sunday morning, melissa hosted brunch on her patio. so fun and super cute.

precious handmade placemats. melissa is so crafty!

i had such a wonderful time with these thoughtful ladies. i love them so very much and can't wait until our next reunion!
thank you so very much for celebrating our little girl!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

blog swap fun!

because i think it's completely necessary to stay entirely too busy, on top of the 4000 other things i have going on, i thought i'd participate in a blog swap hosted by mama meredith at the tichenor family. she's super cute and always coming up with adorable swap ideas. she also has two precious boys and a third baby on the way. i don't know how she has time to do so much!

i was paired with melissa m who is going to be a mommy as well! melissa is 20 weeks along and i'm so excited for her. i put together a little "pregnancy survival kit". it was so hard to stay within the guidelines but i did my best:

for something orange, i found a fun necklace:

for something i love, i included palmer's cocoa butter... because every mama to be needs a good cream or lotion to prevent stretch marks!

something $1: E.L.F. lip gloss

this was one of my favorites... for something funny, i included a hand held fan. no doubt hot flashes come with pregnancy! 

and for something sweet, i included sweettarts... to me, they are the ULTIMATE sweet!

congrats melissa! can't wait to hear the gender news! i hope that your pregnancy continues to be super smooth.

melissa sent me some fabulous goodies that i couldn't wait to open up. she even thought of little perry!

such a cutie pie outfit for perry for something orange and tons of yummy sweets!
i have to be honest, i failed in the picture department because i couldn't wait to open up the starburst!

thanks, meredith, for organizing the fun swap! i can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

fredericksburg surprise!

on friday afternoon, i was completely overwhelmed by the sweetest of surprises! lucy had asked if i wanted to go swimming and of course, in my current physical state, cooling off poolside always sounds great...
i didn't expect her to show up with tamara and mama jessica, though!
the girls told me to pack up because we had plans to relax for the next two days!
i also need to mention that jessica left little junie bug for the FIRST time in her almost one year of life so that she could help celebrate baby perry and our friendship. and both mama and baby did great the whole time! so proud!

 we hit up the crowd fave on the way out of town... i wonder how many strange looks we got when taking pictures outside of chick-fil-a...?

after a couple of hours of driving, we neared the edge of one of my favorite getaways - fredericksburg!
fabulous surprise!

this is our precious little abode:

our cutesy little 202 house. so sweet and perfect for our group!

i have to be honest...
from the moment we walked in the door, i thought that our 5th little friend would pop her head around the corner in typical abby fashion

but she didn't.

i was starting to get sad until an hour after our arrival... she showed up bearing gifts from hey cupcake in austin! i knew that the weekend wouldn't be complete without her sweet presence!

 and the presence of these made it all the sweeter!

we spent lots of time visiting and enjoying our cupcakes...

 after a late night of chatting on friday night, i woke up to this beautiful bassinet for little miss perry:

i was seriously blown away. aren't you when you look at it? it's even more gorgeous in person! can't wait to put perry in it!

we then headed out for a yummy breakfast

 and shopping downtown

 one surprise after the next - custom made perry t's, polish and massages

after our amazing massages we went to a fun little wine and cheese place called lincoln street

this little mama got peligrino and everyone else enjoyed a glass of vino. we also had the perfect spread of cheese, fruit, prosciutto and olives.

it was divine:

we enjoyed dinner and live music along main street...

and the gals were able to feel the little mover and shaker

the peach tree tea room was excellent on sunday morning!

and completed the super hot weekend with yummy ice cream

thank you ladies for a great trip and for your love for little perry! the r&r was just what i needed and so was the time spent with each of you!
love you all!